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Connecting with the masses

Telecommunication is all about connecting with the masses. It’s always been that way since radio and T.V. In the digital age of journalism we take it a step further and use the Internet as a tool to reach millions of people in seconds. In todays world you can become your own brand simply by learning how to connect to the masses.

It’s not easy, trust me I’ve tried. But one thing I noticed is in order to connect with a large audience you have to be consistent and you have to constantly give people content. These two things will keep people coming back to your blog or website. Some of my favorite websites are only my favorite websites because they constantly give me content. It’s a way to see what’s going on in the world without actually moving from your house. It is for entertainment.

It’s a art to connect with a large audience and it is something I hope to learn one day. Perez Hilton and Nicole Bitchie are scientist at getting the masses to follow them. They have created an identity for themselves based on knowing how to connect with a large audience. As a digital journalist we must learn how to connect with people and create content.

necole-bitchie Perez_Hilton_at_American_Music_Awards