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Print vs Online

i have always have been the type of person who loves to read, it just something I like to do. I love magazines. It’s the touch, the feel of a brand new magazine. It’s has a certain nostalgia to it. I find it hard to get the same enjoyment from a online magazine.

It could just be aesthetics as to why I like print, but many people despise it. Some people just prefer online content and there is nothing wrong with it. But I do feel like when it comes to learning print is my best option. I know as a digital journalist I’m not suppose to be in print media side but, it has it’s advantages. 





In order to enjoy digital content you have to have a online connection. This may not always be possible. Some times online content can feel limiting depending on your situation. With print it’s always there. I still have magazines from the early 2000’s that I may occasionally look at. With online content that same magazine would have surely been gone from the archives.

The longevity of print media is one of it’s strength. Online media is more interactive. Content online comes equipped with videos and links, which often maximizes your experience as a viewer. Which every medium you chose remember there is no wrong or right choice. There is only media.