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Facebook Ole Ancient One

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m addicted to Facebook. It’s easy to use and it is one of the original social media sites. For journalist I feel as if Facebook gives you the most freedom when it comes to creating content. Your not limited to any silly characters like Twitter or any cropping of large photos like instagram. You basically can do what you want, which also can be a problem. Facebook deals with the same idiotic habit that people have when it comes to posting content. Some people tend to post the most inappropriate things on social media. Funny thing is that it is people in high paying positions that typically post dumb things that get them fired.


A couple years Adam Smith an executive at a tech company found out the hard way. He posted a video berating a Chick-Fil-A employee because he couldn’t understand how she could work for such a homophobic company. Of course the video goes viral and he gets fired from his $100,000 a year job. As journalist we have to be careful on social media. Keep the post informative without being too emotional.



When used properly Facebook can help you to create a huge following. You can post video and news feed. With Facebook you can almost create your own channel for users to tune into. Many corporations are using Facebook as a platform to promote and journalist should do the same. Since Facebook was one of the first social medias the number of users on it is huge. Don’t get too personal with your page. You should create two pages one for your profession and one for family and friends. Even still you must be careful not to post offensive content that could potentially get you in trouble.