My name is Kevin Ponder and I have always had a passion for photography and film. I am a soon to be graduate from Georgia State University. As a journalism major I feel the best type of journalist dig deep into a story and makes the viewer want to know more about a topic. I believe the new digital age of journalism will produce journalist who will be able to do it all. As a journalist in the digital age you have to learn how to find content, shoot it, and edit. My ultimate goal is to make a transition from journalism to film. My dream job is to be a Director of Photography in the film industry. I love to turn words into visuals and create content for viewers. I’m constantly learning new camera techniques and my thirst for knowledge is my greatest strength. My tools of choice are my trusty Canon 60D (whom I love dearly), a 50mm Pentax lens, and a monopod. I’m always learning and in this business the moment you stop learning is the moment you cease to exist. I believe news and journalism is all about maintaing relevancy. The industry is constantly changing and you have to keep up with that change. You have to keep up with technology. Nowadays in journalism you have to understand technology it’s 50% of the job, but the most important thing is good reporting. The best reporters have that reputation for providing the audience with accurate and up to minute news. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have creating it.


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