Don’t Knock it before you Reddit

I’ve never really had any experience with Reddit. I’ve heard about it, but I never really knew what it was. After the presentation I learned some things about Reddit. It appears that Reddit is a front page that has some social media aspects as far as sharing links to content. Reddit reminds of Flipboard, but with a horrible user interface.




Some of the things I’ve learned about Reddit is that you can watch videos from the site without leaving it. I think that’s a good way to keep people on your site. Also I learned that Reddit is relatively easy to use, which is good news for a Reddit noob like me.


As far as journalist are concerned Reddit can help journalist stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to information. The concept of Reddit is that of Google mixed with the whole social media aspect. Another way it can help journalist is by helping you to identify your sources. This is important because it allows you to cross reference your sources without leaving the site, which is good for rounding up data. Also feedback is esentially great for Reddit because it allows the user to interact with you.

Some of the problems with Reddit is that it is unmoderated so you may want to be careful when your exploring. Also there is plenty of content so it may be difficult to wade through all of it. With the concept of Reddit being a news feed it can be a great tool for journalist.



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