Drowning in Emails

The more advance the technology becomes the more data we get. It’s just the natural evolution of things. In ch.9 of Briggs book Journalism Next he talks about the importance of managing and using data as a digital journalist.The ironic thing about this chapter is the fact that I had a problem with managing data just yesterday.

I just received a new replacement iphone 5 and I needed to get all my data from the old iphone to the new one. Unfortunately my screen was damaged on the old iphone and I had a passcode on it. I called Apple and they basically told me I was screwed and that I would lose all my data if I didn’t have a backup of my itunes. Luckily I not only had a backup on my computer, but I also synced my data with icloud and my contacts with Microsoft Outlook. Within 10 minutes of installing my new iphone 5 I had retrieved all my previous data. I was lucky.


Honestly data technology can work both ways. If I didn’t save a backup of my iphone to itunes I could have lost two years worth of contacts, notes, emails, and apps. Even though technology makes data storage easier, it’s also like putting all your eggs in a basket. Let’s say your computer crashes or you drop your phone in water. Unless you save your info to a cloud service chances are you won’t recover any of that data.

Briggs talks about learning to manage your emails more effectively, which is something I seriously need to work on. As professional we have to constantly check our emails or we could miss out on vital information. It can also be a hassle at times. Other programs like dropbox are a god send. The cloud system allows people to have infinite access to their data as long as they have a internet connection. This has become a game changer when concerning journalism because it offer more options when storage is concerned.


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