Mobilize or Die

In the fifth chapter of Briggs book he talks about being a mobile journalist. When you think about it you really don’t have a choice. Everything as far as media is concern is either centralize to your phone or laptop. I rarely even watch the news on TV anymore. It’s all about the accessibility a smartphone gives you. As journalist we have to adapt to new technology and the way people view media.

With the innovation of smartphones we as people have developed short attention spans, it’s just the truth. With the click of a button we can google whatever intrigues us and have that information in seconds. When I read a article from the Washington Post online I rarely even read the whole thing. I find the major points of the article and I move on to the next article. Honestly, when you think about it articles are getting shorter and are usually accompanied by a short video. Most people just click on the video instead of even reading the article.

The new digital journalist have to be prepared to capture a story anywhere at anytime. The cheapest and most convenient way to do this is with a smart phone. Truth be told I hate to see news images delivered through a cell phone, but it is effective. When you think about it smartphones do everything. They record video, audio, serve as research tools, take notes, upload and even edit. That’s a powerful tool that fits in your pocket. One drawback about smartphones are the image quality. Don’t get me wrong some have incredible images, but there’s something about it that just irks me. I can’t explain it. It doesn’t feel professional enough to me. Also if you’re using a smartphone to cover a story you are probably in a rush and want to be the first person to report. This could lead to inaccurate information.

Interview-With-Siri   interview

On the other end of the spectrum you have the gear heads as Briggs calls them. I am definitely a gear head. I have to have my dslr, lights, microphone, monopod, lens, and other goodies. I like the options, you never know what you’ll come against when trying to cover a story. Also I believe more gear will allow you to create a more cohesive story because you have the equipment to do so. The only drawback is toting all that gear with you all day. It can really become a burden after a couple of hours. Also you can’t catch spontaneous action as fast as a person with a smart phone. With a dslr you really have to set up your shoots to get the best results. The process is longer and slower. The tradeoff with using gear would be quality. You can’t beat it. You have some dslr’s like the black magic pocket cinema that look almost as good as film cameras. At the end of the day the option is up to the journalist.


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