Digital vs Analog

The first chapter of Briggs’ book basically talks about jargon and the way journalism has changed over the years. With the newer generation being raised on technology most of the terms that Briggs talks about are fairly simple. One in particular that I didn’t know about was RSS. I have always seen this on the internet and on certain apps, but I never knew what it meant.

Briggs explained a RSS as a news feed that can be tailored based on your interest. The first thing I thought about was Flipboard, which is my favorite app. These types of app have essentially replaced traditional news for me. I like the freedom to be able to chose the news I want to hear.

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Most of ch.1 in the book was straight forward to me. Briggs talks about html’s and server, but mostly he broke the chapter down for people who my not be familiar with digital journalism and computers. One thing I did like about the first chapter was the terms and the definitions that Briggs gave to explain the way digital media works.

The second chapter of Briggs’ book talks about blogging and the significance it has had on journalism. Everybody has that one website or blog that they go to everyday online. For me its World Star Hip Hop, which is more or a RSS feed. I go there everyday for entertainment mostly. According to Briggs the communities of blogs can often become bigger than the blog itself. A lot of social movements start off on blogs and social media and become an agent for social change.

In the chapter Briggs talks about a blog by Curt Cavin who started a blog about race car driving. Eventually his readers organized a meet up where they generated $8000 for a charity, which shows the power behind blogging.



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