Ch.3 Power to the People

The cool thing about crowdsourcing is the fact that the community gets the chance to make contribute to professional journalist. In ch.3 Briggs describes crowdsourcing as a form of outsourcing, which is a great way to describe it. It can be very helpful in certain situations in, which the news station may not be the first ones to the scene of a crime.




This past year plenty of people were uploading videos of the Furguson riots when many media outlets couldn’t get into the city. Also this past winter when we had the snow storm many people went to social media account set up by WSB-TV to show the accumulation of snow in their part of the state. Crowdsourcing is still new to journalism so we have to wait and see if it will continue to be a trend. It can be extremely helpful and informative.



Noncommercial Television has never really been my cup of tea, but GPB has always been a major part of the city. I remember growing up I would watch programs like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street on GPB, but once I grew up I stopped watching it. I didn’t get a chance to take a tour of the studio, but I did get a chance to look at their website. I’m surprise that GPB has so much content as far as the online portion.



I must say I was impressed and frankly I really enjoyed reading some of the articles. It seems as though GPB has grown leaps and bound since I stop watching it. GPB is really doing a lot right now in community. They have expanded into radio and has a new channel in association with GSU, which I am involved in.


I love how GPB serves the community. I’m learning so much from my Praticum course with GPB and I wouldn’t have gotten that chance had GPB not been so proactive in the university. As a non-commercial television station it difficult to get funding.


I’ve always admired the programming that GPB offered to kids. There isn’t much clean programming for children except for Sprout and Nick Jr. With GPB growing it would be an ideal first job for journalist looking to get into the business.

Print vs Online

i have always have been the type of person who loves to read, it just something I like to do. I love magazines. It’s the touch, the feel of a brand new magazine. It’s has a certain nostalgia to it. I find it hard to get the same enjoyment from a online magazine.

It could just be aesthetics as to why I like print, but many people despise it. Some people just prefer online content and there is nothing wrong with it. But I do feel like when it comes to learning print is my best option. I know as a digital journalist I’m not suppose to be in print media side but, it has it’s advantages.¬†





In order to enjoy digital content you have to have a online connection. This may not always be possible. Some times online content can feel limiting depending on your situation. With print it’s always there. I still have magazines from the early 2000’s that I may occasionally look at. With online content that same magazine would have surely been gone from the archives.

The longevity of print media is one of it’s strength. Online media is more interactive. Content online comes equipped with videos and links, which often maximizes your experience as a viewer. Which every medium you chose remember there is no wrong or right choice. There is only media.

Connecting with the masses

Telecommunication is all about connecting with the masses. It’s always been that way since radio and T.V. In the digital age of journalism we take it a step further and use the Internet as a tool to reach millions of people in seconds. In todays world you can become your own brand simply by learning how to connect to the masses.

It’s not easy, trust me I’ve tried. But one thing I noticed is in order to connect with a large audience you have to be consistent and you have to constantly give people content. These two things will keep people coming back to your blog or website. Some of my favorite websites are only my favorite websites because they constantly give me content. It’s a way to see what’s going on in the world without actually moving from your house. It is for entertainment.

It’s a art to connect with a large audience and it is something I hope to learn one day. Perez Hilton and Nicole Bitchie are scientist at getting the masses to follow them. They have created an identity for themselves based on knowing how to connect with a large audience. As a digital journalist we must learn how to connect with people and create content.

necole-bitchie Perez_Hilton_at_American_Music_Awards

Media Overload

Sometimes we can get carried away with media consumption. I’m guilty of it and I know that you are too. Smartphones are essentially handheld computers and the whole world is completely addicted to them. Sometimes you have to take a break. I found myself waking up in the morning and the first thing I do is grab my phone. It’s sad I know but, I feel so attached and I don’t know if that’s a good thing. First thing I do is check my facebook page and then I read a couple of articles on Flipboard. My cellphone has become an obsession and it’s not a good thing. I notice I’m not the only one. On the way to school I see people texting and driving. On the bus to school you see 8 out of 10 students on their phones. It’s like everybody are in their own little world and it revolves around their phones. We’ve become so connected as a society that we have become disconnected. Have you every had a friend on Facebook who you may comment on their wall frequently but, when you see them in public you barely saw hi. I know I’m guilty of it. While I’ll be the first to admit that I love technology I do notice that we are obsessed as a nation when it comes to phones. I decided to create a list of things to do to give yourself a break from that Iphone or Andriod.

1. Leave the phone at home.

I know what you’re thinking this guy must be crazy. Just try it. I remember it was a time when I didn’t have a cellphone and I got along just fine. To tell you the true sometimes I miss not having a phone. Things were simple back then. I could remember all my friend’s numbers off the top of my head back then. I didn’t stress over emails. I made plans before hand. I sat around and had meaningful conversations with complete strangers. I know it hard to leave your phone home, but try it. I promise it won’t kill you.

2. Erase your social media apps

Don’t erase your profile just erase the app. I find myself doing this every 2 or 3 months and it feels pretty good. The problem with social media is that it can become addictive. Every time I erase the apps I’m less likely to constantly be on my phone. If you look at most people when they are on their phone it’s mostly because of social media.

Social-Media-Addiction-Shots Social-Media-Addiction




3. Turn it off

Some times it’s just best to turn your phone off. Some people act as if they will die if they don’t have their phone on. People before this generation got along perfectly fine without cellphones. This will help you to reconnect with what’s going on around you. Do it you’ll thank me later.

This simple things can help you reconnect to the real world.


Facebook Ole Ancient One

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m addicted to Facebook. It’s easy to use and it is one of the original social media sites. For journalist I feel as if Facebook gives you the most freedom when it comes to creating content. Your not limited to any silly characters like Twitter or any cropping of large photos like instagram. You basically can do what you want, which also can be a problem. Facebook deals with the same idiotic habit that people have when it comes to posting content. Some people tend to post the most inappropriate things on social media. Funny thing is that it is people in high paying positions that typically post dumb things that get them fired.


A couple years Adam Smith an executive at a tech company found out the hard way. He posted a video berating a Chick-Fil-A employee because he couldn’t understand how she could work for such a homophobic company. Of course the video goes viral and he gets fired from his $100,000 a year job. As journalist we have to be careful on social media. Keep the post informative without being too emotional.



When used properly Facebook can help you to create a huge following. You can post video and news feed. With Facebook you can almost create your own channel for users to tune into. Many corporations are using Facebook as a platform to promote and journalist should do the same. Since Facebook was one of the first social medias the number of users on it is huge. Don’t get too personal with your page. You should create two pages one for your profession and one for family and friends. Even still you must be careful not to post offensive content that could potentially get you in trouble.





Don’t Knock it before you Reddit

I’ve never really had any experience with Reddit. I’ve heard about it, but I never really knew what it was. After the presentation I learned some things about Reddit. It appears that Reddit is a front page that has some social media aspects as far as sharing links to content. Reddit reminds of Flipboard, but with a horrible user interface.




Some of the things I’ve learned about Reddit is that you can watch videos from the site without leaving it. I think that’s a good way to keep people on your site. Also I learned that Reddit is relatively easy to use, which is good news for a Reddit noob like me.


As far as journalist are concerned Reddit can help journalist stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to information. The concept of Reddit is that of Google mixed with the whole social media aspect. Another way it can help journalist is by helping you to identify your sources. This is important because it allows you to cross reference your sources without leaving the site, which is good for rounding up data. Also feedback is esentially great for Reddit because it allows the user to interact with you.

Some of the problems with Reddit is that it is unmoderated so you may want to be careful when your exploring. Also there is plenty of content so it may be difficult to wade through all of it. With the concept of Reddit being a news feed it can be a great tool for journalist.


Twitter Bug

A lot of people use twitter as their social media of choice. Me personally I really don’t use it as much as say facebook, but I do understand the impact that it has on social network. I’ve tried to get into it, but I just could never fully appreciated it. Maybe it’s the 140 character limit. Maybe it’s the obsessive post and repost from celebrities, but one thing is for sure people are twitter crazy.


For journalist Twitter can be used as another platform to post content. Many anchors and news personalities already have Twitter accounts and regularly make posts. Many news organization themselves have corporate accounts, which serve mainly as promotion. The platform allows journalist to report on the go. It’s extremely helpful for freelance journalist to build a following on Twitter, which can lead your users to make their way to your personal blog through links. This is a perfect way to build a audience and keep them inform.

Of course Twitter has it’s drawbacks. For one people seem to say the most idiotic things on Twitter. As a journalist you have to be extremely careful about what you post. Seriously your career could depend on it. Look at former PR executive Justine Sacco she went on a trip to South Africa and posted a tweet on the plane saying, “Going to Africa, Hope I don’t get aids, just kidding, I’m white”. By the time she landed in South Africa the tweet went viral. Funny thing about it is you would think that a person working in PR would know better. That’s the thing about social media people get a little too comfortable and forget that they have jobs that can be effected by one bad tweet.


Twitter can be used for promotion and publicity as a journalist. You also can engage your audience by creating hashtags and getting your followers to post content based on that hashtag. The audience wants to feel involved and one hashtags is one way to do it. You also want to participate in it too. Twitter is one way for journalist to get involved in creating content even if they haven’t found a job in the industry.

I Didn’t Get This Degree to Work In a Call Center.

It took me a long time to go back to school. When I graduated high school it was possible to forgo college for a blue collar job and that’s what I did. I graduated in 2001 and then the world changed. I remember my dad taking me to work that day. We were listening to 640 AM; my dad’s favorite station to hate, when they announced that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. I didn’t think much of it until they said another plane hit the other tower. Me and my dad drove in silence. When we pulled into the KFC parking lot I didn’t even get out the car. I sat in that car for 15 minutes listening to the news. Since that day the world as I knew it was never the same.


9/11 in this country was like a reset button being press. Millionaires were going bankrupted, the stock markets began to plummet, and a college degree was like getting a high school diploma. I had friends that were told that a college degree was the way to success. They went to school and graduated in 2005 and couldn’t find a job. I had friends who had to work at fast food and shoe stores because they couldn’t find a job. After all that hard work and sacrifice you still can’t find success. Many of my friends were bitter. I could imagine that disappointment. It was alway the same thing we need people with experience. With 9/11 companies couldn’t afford to teach a person how to do their job they needed them to be proficient straight out of college. A couple of years before 9/11 it wasn’t the case. My sister graduated in 94′ and didn’t have any experience and she got a job within 6 months. It’s hard for a college student to graduate with 3 to 4 years of experience in their field, that means you would have had to start interning your sophomore year. Everybody isn’t lucky enough to have that luxury. Many of my friends paid for their schooling, they didn’t have the time to work for free they needed every dime to pay for tuition.


I tried the best I could to make it without that degree, but I couldn’t. I needed that education to separate me from the pack. I’ve always been interested in film and TV, so when I decided to go back to school I pursued that passion. I made a promise to myself that when I get my degree I will work in my field. I’ve sacrifice too much to get a job in a call center. I’m not trying to be arrogant, but if I wanted to work in a call center I can do that right now without a degree. I see a lot of graduates getting jobs outside of their degree because they could’ve find employment within their degree. My advice is don’t settle. If you have to take a job that’s understandable, but don’t give up. Even if I don’t get a job at a radio station or T.V station right out of school I will still take my trusty 60D with me and create content. That’s the way of the world right now.


If it’s one thing that the events of 9/11 have taught me it’s if you can’t find a job create one. I will create until I can’t no more. It’s fun creating content for people to read or view. This digital journalism class is so helpful to me because it’s like exercising. The more you do something the better you get. Practice makes perfect. You don’t have to have a job in media to create content, you can do that on your own. I already do that and I would suggest other journalism and film majors to do the same. Don’t wait for a door to open sometimes you have to create your own opportunity. That’s one thing about my generation that I like. We don’t wait for a yes. If I want to create a short film I will. I won’t wait for a investor and I won’t wait for a big name to cosign me. I will just make it. It might not be the best, but the process will make me better the next time. For all you graduates having tough luck securing that prized job be encouraged and start doing¬†what you want to do. If you want to be a director start directing. You want to be a writer start writing. You want to be a camera operator buy a camera and practice. Believe it or not the media world is wide open those who can create content without being told to will succeed.